Dare County, N.C. 8-Hour Traffic Safety Course

Dare County, N.C. 

8-Hour Traffic Safety Course

North Carolina 4 Hour Traffic Ticket Dismissal Traffic Safety School Courses

Quick and Easy Traffic Safety Course 

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If you have received a traffic citation in Dare County, North Carolina, you can have it dismissed with this easy online defensive driving course.  You must request the Traffic Safety Course to dismiss the ticket from the court. Check with the specific court where the citation was forwarded.  You will need to get authorization from your judge or local district attorney to take this online course.

The Dare County,
NC courts will require you to request from the proper court your where the traffic ticket is issued to take an 8-Hour Traffic Safety Course (or a 4-Hour Traffic Safety Course) to get the ticket dismissed.

If you have already received approval from the court, you may begin the course.  We have an affordable course available and free mailing of the certificate. Best of all, it's all online and very easy to take. The course in interactive and may be taken from any computer with an internet connection. There's no downloading of any programs.

The course can be taken at your convenience and you may log in and out as often as you like, and either take the course all at once, or a little a time and spread it out if you wish.  Many people take about a week to complete the course, spending a few minutes a day.

This Dare County,
N.C. 8-Hour Traffic Safety Course is also good for a discount on your existing car insurance policy. Most companies offer up to a 10 to 15% discount on the liability portion of your insurance policy.  If you are age 55 or over,  insurance companies may even honor a mature driver discount of 15% with this course in 35 states including North Carolina.

  • Offsetting ticket points on your driving record
  • Keep your insurance costs under control
  • 100% online – saving you time and money
  • Absolutely no classrooms

  • North Carolina 8-Hour Traffic Safety School